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Answering Your Online Casino Questions

The world of online casinos can be confusing and you may have questions about it. This is one of our specially written FAQs to answer those questions.

Online Casino FAQ

How long have online casinos been around?

The first online casino opened it's doors in 1995 and over the last 15 years hundreds of new online casinos have opened up. The earliest online casinos were very basic and only offered a few games to players. In 1995 the Internet was primarily an information resource and there were very few websites online. The games were very basic and looked very rough around the edges, nothing like the gorgeous looking online casino games on offer today.

Over the last 15 years online casinos have come on a long way. These days they are easy to use, offer hundreds of casino games and the games are much more fun and exciting to play.

This FAQ comes from the 'Getting started with online casinos' category.

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